100% performance
50 years + protection
Design to last lifetime
Maximum safety of your
Up to 52X write speed
Outstanding compatibility
with writers players
Writex Optical Media - CD-R , DVD-R , Mini DVD-R
Writex is one of the largest selling CD-R/DVD-R brand in India. This leading is achieved through tremendous efforts. Writex discs are produced using the most advanced manufacturing technology, under strict quality control measures to ensure 0% defect.

Each disk is tested to give optimum performance. Writex discs features an expanded layer to ensure maximum safety of your data. Accelerated ageing test conducted indicate that writex lifetime CD-R protects your precious data for more then 50 year.
Writex DVD-R also gives a long life span to your stored data

Saving digital photo memories - photographs from still digital camera
Saving video creations - wedding recording, video albums, religious discovers.
Music mastering, music archiving, music duplicating - personal choice songs, Mp3.
Computer data backup and archiving, data exchange.
Multimedia productions, recording and presentations.
Advertising - product promotional digital brochures.